Social Media Ads Increase Sales Over Traditional Efforts

Social media ads increase sales by 113% over traditional efforts

Broadway Theatre League was not happy with their ad strategies performance. Their traditional ad strategy had allowed room for modernization but they were not seeing the growth they had hoped for. Digital marketing efforts were yielding excellent results but were allocated only a small portion of the marketing budget.

With the results of our social media marketing efforts in hand, it was time for them to trust us with some significant changes. They had to increase sales.


% increase in Product Sold

% increase in Web Visits

% increase in Stories Users Created

% increase in Retweets

The Process

We started by researching social insights and sales data for patterns of behavior. From there, we created a social media ad strategy that would ladder up their goal of increasing sales.

Our research revealed that their customer needed more frequent exposure before making a purchase. So, we began social ads earlier and expected more interaction before closing a sale.

A new modern BTL website, enhanced by our Social Media interaction and ads created the following results.

The Results

• 113% increase in product sold

• 720% increase in web visits

• Although it wasn’t a direct goal, there was an 83% increase in the number of stories users created on their personal Facebook pages/ profiles and a 28% increase in retweets.

• While sales metrics were achieved, cost per result on Facebook ads decreased 68% from previous measurement timeframe.

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