Increase in Brand Awareness Through Local Verification

Local attraction sees 129% increase in new page fans with local verification

Burritt on the Mountain tasked Move Digital with fixing a long-term problem. Facebook automatically created an unofficial location page in their name years ago. As a result, fans were checking in on the wrong page and Burritt was struggling to grow their visibility and in turn, meet their social media goals.

% increase in New Page Fans

% increase in Impressions

The Process

Our first step was to find a solution that would drive these valuable check-ins to the official brand page.

Fortunately, Facebook recently released a new verification process for local pages. This process would help show users which page was the official brand page.

The Results

Immediately Burritt began receiving notifications of check-ins and mentions from visitors. Messages about the attraction created 712,028 impressions on Facebook during Q1.

• 138% increase in impressions

• 129% increase in new page fans

Burritt is now able to monitor customer feedback in a timely fashion, engage with visitors about their experience and quickly resolve any issues involving their brand.

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