Lead Generation Ad Yields Fun Results

Event promotion company sees 86% increase in high-quality newsletter sign-ups with Facebook lead gen advertising

Our Valley Events is an online event promotion company and the sister company to Move Digital.

In 2016, Our Valley Events wanted to increase website traffic on their new website by inviting fans to sign-up for their weekly newsletter.



To increase ad sales, we need people to visit our website. Our ad clients want to know that we are continuously driving our targeted market online to engage with their ads. Facebook advertising makes it easy for our fans to sign up for our newsletters, keeping them engaged with us each week.  The ads have quickly become one of our top performing lead sources.

– Amy Jones, Web Content Manager, Our Valley Events

% increase in newsletter signups

% increase in web traffic

The Process

To resonate with fans, Move Digital designed Our Valley Events ads and creative to appeal to young, active professionals. Lead gen ads were optimized for both mobile and desktop, ensuring people could engage with them no matter their preferred device.

The Results

• 86% increase in high-quality newsletter signups

• 16.64% increase in web traffic from email newsletter

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