Increase in Brand Awareness Through Strategic Social Media

Performance and exhibition facility sees 202% increase in fan growth with social media strategy and management

As the premier performance and exhibition facility in North Alabama, the Von Braun Center enjoys a long legacy and a great reputation. They were eager to make social media work better for them. But they lacked the time, man-power and in-depth insight to make it happen.

The Von Braun Center needed to boost business, differentiate themselves from other event venues, and effectively manage their reputation. So, they began looking for a new strategic partner that could help reach their online marketing goals.

However, the Von Braun Center required a social media agency that would save them time. It simply couldn’t create more work for their staff.

% increase in Fan growth

% increase in Impressions

% more Users

% more Mentions

The Process

Our first step was to put together a detailed social media marketing plan based on market research. We also developed consistent messaging across their communications. Adding a content calendar ensured that our entire team was on the same page and that the flow of vital communication was logical. This simplified the flow and communications efficiencies.

“They provide timely content without constant staff input which makes our organization more efficient.” Brandi Quick

The Results

• Driven by an effective social media marketing strategy, the Von Braun Center increased its Facebook fans by 202% and impressions by 307%.

• Leveraging the fundamentals of effective targeting, the Von Braun Center also increased their page mentions by 688% to a total of 5,137,926 mentions of the brand name.

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