3 Reasons Why Accounting Firms Need Email Marketing


3 Reasons Why Accounting Firms Need Email MarketingWe often get the question from our accounting clients (and potential customers)- “Should email be part of our marketing mix?”

The simple answer is YES. Accountants need email marketing.

In fact, reports show that email marketing continues to drive more conversions than any other marketing channel.

Here are three reasons why you should integrate email into your accounting firm’s current marketing plans.

3 Reasons Why Accounting Firms Need Email Marketing

1. Return on Investment

Most traditional forms of advertising can be difficult to measure and track results.

Consider this: what is the return on the pens and coffee mugs you bought for clients?  Or the non-profit event you sponsored? And while I know a lot of you are doing webinars, how are you following up with the leads?

On the other hand, Experian shows the average return on an email marketing investment is $44 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is powerful and gives you a way to track the effectiveness of the dollars you spend.

2. Complete your Business Development Cycle

Email marketing is a tool you can use throughout the development cycle. Build a relationship with leads, educate them, establish credibility and trust, and then stay in touch once you win their business.

And, email marketing naturally integrates into your other business development efforts as well. Rolling out a new product? Send a newsletter announcing it. Completed a whitepaper or new case study for your website? Drive people to it through your email newsletter.

Rather than thinking about email as one more thing you have to do every day, consider how it can support other things you are already doing to earn business and maintain client relationships.

3. Optimize

Lastly, email marketing delivers your message on the devices frequently used by your leads.

Campaign Monitor’s recent report shows that an average of 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Since your audience is engaging with email on their mobile devices, you can maximize your reach by making the content easy to read.

And optimizing for social sharing allows your message to travel farther than just their inbox.


Smart email marketing provides you with a way to win new business (and maintain relationships with existing clients) while being in control of your message and available funds.

Consider integrating email marketing into your accounting firm’s marketing plans and see the results.


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