4 Tools to Make Employee Engagement Easy for Financial Service Teams


4 Tools to Make Employee Engagement Easy for Financial Service TeamsEmployee advocacy can affect your bottom line in a positive way!

Sales and prospecting are shown to increase when employees are connected and use social media.

Statistics source: What Is Employee Advocacy & How Does It Work?

4 Tools to Make Employee Engagement Easy for Financial Service Teams

Now that we see how important it is to keep employees positively engaging on social media, how can we make it easy? These tools will help (and might be an eye-opener too).

#1  – Bambu

Bambu allows you to curate content that can be shared with your employees. Your employees can then post the content on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn platforms.

You can create and select the content that your employees will share, and analyze the results too. Arm your staff with resources to answer questions, talk about new products and services, and share job listings and other news.

Built-in analysis helps you recognize who is sharing and connecting. Everyone likes recognition!


Upon request

#2 – Simpplr

Simpplr is a more formal alternative to Slack, but also allows you to set goals to help focus attention on things that need to be communicated quickly. You can also set up areas of expertise, an events calendar, share employee blogs, and host photos and videos for sharing.

Simpplr’s content management has an approval process so that approved content is published. It integrates easily with many other apps and also includes an analytics dashboard.


$ 8 per user per month paid annually 

#3 – Smarp

Smarp gives employees access to content that they can easily share to social media through a News Feed. One of the coolest things about Smarp is it’s Gamification feature. Is your sales team competitive? Gamification makes participation rewarding by collecting points and getting on a leaderboard. 

Admins can also view analytics to identify who is most influential and what content performs best. There is even a personal analytics tool that tracks the performance of shared posts. 


Pro – Starts from 10€ per user/month

#4 – Zao

Zao works best for social recruiting and referrals. It has gamification built-in to track and manage participation. Zao even allows you to reward “friends of the firm” – trusted people who can make quality referrals but aren’t employees. 

Referral portals and career sites are included and can be easily customized. Analytics allow tracking to find the most efficient ways to recruit. Keep doing what’s working, stop doing what’s not. 


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Getting your employees on board and engaged may be the key to success that you’ve been looking for. Arm your team with appropriate content to share and ways to track their progress and encourage participation. One of these tools might be just what you’re looking for.


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