5 Project Management Tools for Banks and Credit Unions


5 Project Management Tools for Banks and Credit UnionsMarketing and social media management are best tamed with useful project management tools.

Whether you are a small Bank or a Credit Union team or a large financial services business with several offices, project management tools help you stay on the same page, keep tasks from falling through the cracks, and keep projects organized.

5 Project Management Tools for Banks and Credit Unions

Figuring out which project management tool will work for your business can be a daunting project itself. We’ve done the research for you, keeping the needs of the financial industry in mind.

#1 Asana

Asana is what we use for our project and task management. Think of it as a giant filing cabinet and to-do list all rolled into one. 

Asana is great for –

  • Organizing projects
  • Due Dates
  • Breaking down tasks and subtasks
  • Templates
  • Calendars
  • Inbox
  • Privacy settings

For data security, you can easily export data from Asana and have your data backed up on a separate server.


$9.99 per member per month billed annually

#2 Basecamp

Basecamp is a favorite project management solution for banks and credit unions. Basecamp keeps projects organized and statuses clear. With chat rooms, deadlines and milestones, this tool provides insights and tracking in a simple and popular format.

Use Basecamp to consolidate –

  • Messages
  • To-do lists
  • Schedules
  • File storage
  • Documents


$99 per month

#3 Podio

Podio is an online tool for team communication. You can share files, keep up with project status and delegate tasks.

Use Podio to –

  • Automate workflows
  • Task management
  • Share and store files
  • Delegate tasks

Podio, like many others including Asana, offers integration with third-party services and apps including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.


$24 per user/month

#4 Trello

Trello is another favorite project management tool and one that has been around for a while. Trello is a great collaboration tool and, like the others above, allows you to organize tasks and delegate to team members.

Use Trello to –

  • Keep work history even when someone has been removed
  • View team activity across projects
  • Archive with a simple export feature
  • Grant access, create restrictions and even give observer-only access


$9.99 per user/month

#5 Hive

To manage compliance, Hive has an enterprise version that will work for banks and credit unions. Hive puts everything on one page, which makes it attractive for complete project management.

Hive can –

  • Provide compliance reports
  • Give unlimited projects and integrations
  • Create custom integrations with existing systems

With its hands-on service and custom options, Hive is tailored to the needs of its users. It’s worth noting that Hive has a Slack integration. Slack is a communications tool that we both use and recommend.

Price –

Issued upon request


Adopting a project management tool can transform the productivity and efficiency of your team. Go get organized!


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