5 Social Media Management Tools for Banks and Credit Unions


5 Social Media Management Tools Banks and Credit Unions Should ConsiderBanks, credit unions, and other financial services must have a presence on social media today. Using these platforms and using them to your advantage is part of a smart marketing strategy. 

But managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be a daunting task- especially when you have multiple departments providing input and content, AND you have regulations and compliance to consider. All that with limited time and resources.

Enter the social media management tool!

5 Social Media Management Tools Banks and Credit Unions Should Consider

We did the research for you. Here are five social media management tools that have the financial industry’s particular needs in mind. Any one of these can meet your needs, save time, and provide the peace of mind that comes with compliance.

Take a look.

#1 – Gremlin Social

Gremlin Social is a powerful social media management tool that is endorsed by the American Bankers Association as the preferred solution for their members.

It ensures compliance with SEC, FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC, CFPB, and other state and federal regulations by capturing and archiving social media activity so you can search and export as needed.

Gremlin allows you to schedule social media posts in advance across multiple platforms. Maintain control over what content can be posted with keyword filters.

You can even provide employees with a library of approved content that they can share on their personal accounts.

#2 – Hearsay

Hearsay Social is a product of Hearsay Systems, which provides compliant advisor/client management solutions.

Hearsay allows financial service professionals to manage multiple social media platforms, get analytics, and create to-do lists for what actions to take next. It can also help your team of advisors with their individual pages through a library of approved content based on role.

One great feature of this management tool is the intelligence to alert you when clients post “money-in-motion life events”. This feature allows a way to communicate directly, yet remains regulation compliant.

#3 – Socialware

Another tool for the regulated financial industry is Socialware. It too allows social media management that is archived and in compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations.

Socialware makes it easy to schedule social media content, create landing pages to pair with that content, and it provides group access to approved content for sharing on personal platforms. It also has intelligent features that suggest articles and content based on individual client interests.

One great feature of Socialware is its access control. Employees can be placed into groups with different levels of access to specific content. This allows the team to benefit from all of the features of the tool, but within “guardrails” that keep them safe and compliant.

#4 – Sprout Social

With Sprout Social, which we use, it’s important to note that you will need the Enterprise Level product for the compliance feature.

Sprout makes social media scheduling and monitoring easy, coupled with excellent analytics features for reporting. A great feature is the “Smart Inbox” which is one location for your social messages PLUS keyword and campaign monitoring.

Other features include – trend reports, social content calendar, productivity reporting, building custom chatbots, and storing media.

#5 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a favorite social media management tool among marketing teams that also requires the Business or Enterprise Level product to meet compliance needs with FINRA, FCA, FFIEC, FDA, IIROC, SEC, PCI, AMF and other regulatory requirements.

Hootsuite makes easy work of scheduling content, monitoring, and analytics reporting. Other features include landing pages, contest templates, training and support options, and other tool integrations.



We did even more research for team communication tools that help you be a better marketer. 

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