Social Media for Banks & Credit Unions: Be Proactive With Frequently Asked Questions


Social Media for Banks: Be Proactive With Frequently Asked QuestionsAs a financial institution, being helpful to your customers is a top priority. You want them to have a great experience when interacting with your brand, whether their engagement experience is in-person or online.

In the process, you might find that certain customer issues come up again and again.

Are there questions that frequently get asked when people reach out to your bank or credit union? Something as simple as how services work or how to apply for a product or service?

Having the answers to frequently asked questions is an outstanding customer service tool.

What’s even better than that? Solving problems before they happen… anticipating your customers needs up front. It’s the epitome of helpful!

Be Proactive With Frequently Asked Questions

31% of global consumers have used social media to ask a customer service question.
Microsoft 2016 State of Global Customer Service Report

90% of people surveyed have used social in some way to communicate directly with a brand.
– Sprout Social

It makes sense that social media can be used to address frequently asked questions. Proactive social media provides a helpful service to customers and is a great source of content to keep your social platforms active and engaging.

Start building your catalog of questions with thorough research. 

First, use social media to catalog frequent consumer issues. 

  • What kind of messages does your Facebook page get?
  • Are there common questions on posts about your services?
  • What issues have come up on Facebook Reviews?
  • Have there been customer service Tweets to your account?

Once you have mined social media for information, OR if you are not currently active on social media, round out your FAQ’s by –

  • Asking tellers what questions customers have most often.
  • Asking customer service center staff what questions they frequently receive.
  • What comments do people leave on the website?

Now you are ready to answer customer questions before they ask! 

By offering answers to questions, banks and credit unions provide a better experience. Customers can find the answers they need without having to visit a branch, call customer service, or go online and post on social media.

Advantages to using FAQ’s

Now that you are proactively sharing the answers to frequently asked questions, you’re ready to reap the benefits!

  • Save staff time.
    • Cut down on customer service calls and non-service branch visits.
  • Make customers happy.  
    • Satisfied customers are easier to upsell.
    • Happier people are likely to stick with you.
    • Increased rate of referrals. 

Be proactive with frequently asked questions. Putting them out there helps consumers, and FAQ’s listed openly on social media provide content that makes sense from both a customer and brand standpoint.



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