Facebook Advertising Succeeds Where Traditional Marketing Fails

Federal Credit Union sees 689% increase in event participation with targeted Facebook advertising

For our client, a regional financial institution, community service events are key branding opportunities. However, the organization was struggling to boost participation in one of their community donation events. They also wanted to increase the amount of donations individuals brought in during the event. Their traditional marketing efforts were not producing the desired results.

To differentiate themselves in the crowded financial services market and increase brand recognition, our client began looking for a new advertising tactic that could reach their goals.

% participation growth

% growth in electronic disposal

The Process

Facebook advertising was a natural fit for this community event because it allowed the financial institution to reach their target audience for an extremely low cost. And, Move Digital only advertised to people who would be interested specifically in our client’s event.

When creating their Facebook ads, we tailored keywords to reach the intended audience and impact our client’s interested consumers. By fully optimizing interests, we boosted the company’s search rank helping them to appear earlier and more frequently in their ideal customer’s quest for information.

The Results

• The result of this Facebook advertising punch was significant. The financial institution generated a 689% event-over-event increase in participation.

•Donations at the event increased from 100 lbs to 12,000 lbs, an increase of 11,900%.

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