3 Ways Financial Advisors Can Maximize Social Media


Turn Your Team of Financial Professionals Into a Social Media PowerhouseYour financial services business may be small with only a few loan officers.

Or, you may be a large firm with multiple branch locations and a team of agents.

Either way, if you have financial professionals working together to bring clients to the table, that group of people can be an incredible marketing resource. Everyone has the same goal!

Social media, as an integral part of your marketing strategy, is another way everyone can work together toward the same outcome.

Can you harness the power of your team to become a social media force for your business?

Turn Your Team of Financial Professionals Into a Social Media Powerhouse

In working with financial service clients, we find that many advisors, agents, and loan officers have their own social media business pages, either for their office or for themselves. With these 3 tips, you can get everyone on the same page, working every social media angle for the benefit of the whole business.

Follow these three tips.

1. Central Communication

First and foremost, there needs to be a central point of contact. You don’t want your agents going rogue on social media. There are compliance issues and corporate branding that must be considered. Someone needs to “be in charge”.

Once you have your main point of contact in place, create a centralized communication channel for everyone to use. It can be a simple messaging tool like Slack or a full project management program like Basecamp. Whatever you decide, get the whole group on board.

2. Make Content Available

Now that your financial professionals are all on the same page and know who the point person is, give them the tools they need to be social media rockstars for your business.

Tools to make available:

  • Style Guide – does everyone know branding guidelines, acceptable logo uses, etc.?
  • Provide templates that can be customized with individual agent information
  • Create a content calendar of events, topic ideas, professional resources and the best times of day to post
  • Make sharing content easy and ping the group when there are relevant posts to share
  • Pre-draft messages that can be copied and pasted
  • Keep an archive of photographs that everyone can access (offices, staff, event pictures, etc.)

And most importantly, make sure everyone has access to the internet during business hours and a social media policy in place so that everyone feels comfortable posting as a routine part of their day-to-day job.

3. Feature, Share & Spread the Love

If you ask your agents, advisors, and loan officers to take the time to spread the company message, make sure their efforts are appreciated.

  • If individual agents have pages, share their info on main company page from time to time.
  • Spotlight staff with their own pages on the main business platforms and tag them in the post.
  • Choose a hashtag that’s unique to your business and encourage the group to use it in Tweets and on Instagram.
  • Encourage everyone to tag each other and the business when appropriate.
  • Provide social media tool support and training when needed so that everyone is at the same comfort and skill level.


Your financial professionals do a phenomenal job every day. Support their efforts and give them what they need to support yours. Together, you can create a social media powerhouse to find more potential clients and reach your goals.


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Laurie Heard is President and co-owner of Move Digital & Our Valley Events where she handles the day to day business of a busy digital media agency and consults with local businesses about how to maximize their marketing efforts. When she isn't at a computer, Laurie loves to travel (she's seen the entire British Royal Family- pre Kate) and read (fiction and non-fiction). And she loves chocolate.