The Financial Businesses Guide to Using Twitter for Free


The Financial Businesses Guide to Using Twitter for FreeAccording to the 2017 Segmint Consumer Bank Marketing Study, 80% of people think their bank should be providing information for their particular needs and circumstances.

People want information from their financial institutions!

And where do people go for information these days? They turn to Twitter.

Don’t let Twitter be the outcast of your social media strategy. It’s a lot easier to use and understand than it looks. Plus, you can reach people, who are telling you they want to be reached, for FREE.

Here’s how.

The Financial Business Guide to Using Twitter for Free

Understanding Who Uses Twitter

The starting point for understanding how to integrate Twitter into your financial business’s social media efforts is to know WHO uses Twitter.

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Optimize Twitter for Your Financial Business

Now that you know who is on Twitter, how do you make sure your Twitter profile is it’s optimal best?

Here are the very basic, first steps to getting it right.

1. Upload images: Cover Photo 1,500 x 500 pixels and Profile Photo 400 x 400 pixels

2. Test your profile on mobile devices to make sure your images display correctly. Make any necessary adjustments.

3. Bio: Google reads twitter bios, so include “keywords”, or words that you want to be associated with, in your short bio. (Example: Our Twitter bio reads, “Social media advertising experts that help you drive instant web traffic, leads, and sales through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.”)

4. Consider including a URL in your bio.

5. Be sure your business name (not your @ username) is listed consistently with how you want your business to be known.

6. Include a location for people searching by geography.

7. Add a hashtag that may be relevant to your industry or business and will help people find you.

Our Best Twitter Tips & Tricks

Now that you know who uses Twitter and your profile is optimized, here are the best ways to use Twitter, for free, to reach your audience.

  • Pin a Tweet that showcases an event, big announcement, or showcases your brand.


  • Regularly update your bio and cover image to tie into current campaigns, events, or promotions.



  • Use your Twitter “likes” to create a list of great interactions & tweets about your brand!


  • Create custom lists that your Twitter followers might find useful, helpful, or entertaining.


  • Research and, if appropriate, contribute to a trending topic.


  • Participate in Tweet Chats to grow relationships.


  • “Listen” to what your competition and others are saying about your brand by searching business name or name variations. (BONUS: Reply to questions, solve problems, or start a conversation.)


  • Engage with reporters, bloggers, and other influencers who might be looking for content that you can provide.


  • Go to and select “analytics” to learn about your Twitter audience. You can do this even if you do not run ads on the platform.


Twitter may not be on the top of your priorities list for social media, but your customers are on Twitter, and they will come to you seeking information. Now, you’ll be ready.


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